Public Safety
Mike Sapraicone served as a Detective in the NYPD combatting gang violence, illegal gun trafficking, and leading high-profile homicide investigations. He was at the foundation of the crime turnaround in New York City resulting in the most dramatic decrease in crime ever seen in the city. As a member of Congress, Mike will stand with law enforcement to ensure our police officers are fully supported and have the resources they need to keep our communities safe — because he knows firsthand what it takes to protect New Yorkers. Mike will lead the fight to require liberal New York State politicians to repeal the cashless bail law that is responsible for releasing dangerous criminals back onto our streets. He will also pass legislation preventing local governments from defunding their police departments and compel New York City to reverse the $1 billion it cut from the NYPD.
Border Security

As a law enforcement and security expert, who started a 600-employee company providing armed security services to the nation’s largest corporations, Mike Sapraicone will secure our border and stop the tidal wave of illegal immigrants and deadly fentanyl pouring across the southern border. Through the Biden Administration’s open borders policies, the number of undocumented immigrant border crossings exceeded 2.75 million in 2022–exceeding the previous record by more than 1 million. So far this year, US Customs and Border Patrol has seized over 20,000 pounds of fentanyl at the southern border, which is enough to kill over 4.6 billion people. Fentanyl is now the leading cause of death among Americans aged 18 to 45.

Families in Queens and Nassau counties are confronting an affordability crisis. As a member of Congress, Mike Sapraicone will work on a bipartisan basis to restore the State and Local Tax (“SALT”) deduction and ease the burden on homeowners and taxpayers, because he knows how hard New Yorkers work to make ends meet. Mike will also lead the fight to block the MTA’s congestion pricing program which will charge motorists $23 to enter Manhattan below 60th Street – costing commuters an additional $1 billion per year. As former president of the Seaford school board, Mike will also work to deliver more federal education funding for local school districts to ease the burden on local property taxpayers.
Quality of Life
For generations, Long Island and the neighborhoods in northeastern Queens have been destinations for families seeking good schools, safe streets, and economic opportunity. Mike Sapraicone will invest in the region’s public schools, hospitals, and environmental treasures to ensure it continues to be a great place to live, work, and raise a family. Mike will also defend Social Security and Medicare to provide seniors with benefits they have earned.
Integrity in Government
As a law enforcement professional, Mike Sapraicone is committed to restoring integrity in government, ensuring voters in Queens and Nassau counties can once again have confidence in their elected representatives. Mike supports term limits for members of Congress to end the era of career politicians and return accountability to Congress. In addition, Mike will sponsor the No Fame for Fraud Resolution and the No Fortune for Fraud Act to prevent members of Congress, who are convicted of federal crimes, from collecting federal pensions or financially profit off their story.